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Advertisement Banners On Your Webcam

The Camsecure low cost Banner video advertising option allows you to show banner style adverts on your own live stream. You can construct your own banner or use a professionally produced graphic for the banner. Then provide us with the URL to your banner e.g. stored on your web site or your own server and we will insert the banner advert each time your live stream is viewed. So you can change or alter the banner advert design as much as and when ever you need to. Business and Professional plans include the advert option. For other plans this option is available for an additional £2.00 per month.

Demonstration of a working banner advert, the destination URl when the advert is clicked can be set to your advertisers web site.

How Our Banner Advert System Works

You provide us with a URL to your advertisement graphic that you want to use. Then each time someone goes to your web site and views your live webcam, the advert will show with a 5 second coundown in the top right corner. At the end of this countdown the viewer can continue reading your advert or choose to click the X icon in the top right of the live camera window and then your live webcam will start to show. In addition if your viewer clicks in the screen to pause the feed or clicks the pause icon, the stream will pause and the banner advert will show again until the X is clicked to close it.

If you are advertising a single product or web site then the banner advert can also contain the URL of the advertisers web site so your viewer can click the advert and go straight to the advertising website if they wish. But if you want to show different banners from different advertisers then only the graphical advert will be shown. With either option you can change the graphic content as you wish with the graphic held on your own website or server.
The graphic file can be .jpg and ideally be sized to suite the size of your player window you have chosen or even a bit smaller to show your poster image behind - but the choice is yours. 

NOTE: Banner Advert content is your responsibilty and must not infinge on any coyright material what so ever and must not be pornographic or adult in nature. Any material broadcast which does not comply or any valid complaints regarding content will result in the immediate termination of the live stream and advertising facility.

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