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3rd Party Site, Stream Access Conditions

In order to protect our customers and our services 3rd party access to a customers stream is only permitted according to the following conditions. Any deviation from the conditions may result in the 3rd party stream being cancelled.

1) 3rd party streaming can only be enabled by the existing customer for the stream in question.

2) 3rd party stream will be in additon to any existing stream the customer has in use and will have its own allocated resource. 

3) 3rd party website will be able to install the feed on the specified domain name only.

4) 3rd party website will use only the embed link provided for access to the player and not attempt to use any other method to play the stream.

5) 3rd party website will not make any attempt to cover or hide any Camsecure or customer logo present on the stream to convince viewers it is their own.

6) 3rd party website will acknowledge in text and link the source website where camera is situated and also the provider of the stream feed.

7) The feed may not be included on a website that is breaching any copyright or displaying inappropriate material of any nature.

The 3rd party stream option is in addition to existing features of the customers original stream  and uses separate resource so its use will not impact on the original feed viewer quota.

Only basic viewing is included in 3rd party stream access option and there will be no access to special features or recordings that may be in place on the originating stream account.

The originating account can cancel the 3rd party feed at any time if they so wish and in this case the feed will stop immediately.

If you cant find the answer to your question in our FAQ then please contact us and we will be able to help. The FAQ section isupdated as any new queries and answers arise.

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