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Underwater Camera Fish Style 

The Camsecure Fish Style Underwater Camera is an attractive looking camera in the style of a tropical fish which will look at home in any aquarium or pond. Use it to spy on the activity beneath the waters surface down to a maximum depth of 18 metres.

The underwater camera provides a high quality colour picture even in poor lighting conditions due to its built in bright white LED lights which can be disabled if required at the remote end by unplugging their power feed. Resolution is 600 TVL and the video output is standard composite video 1 Volt P-P (CVBS). With its standard analogue output this camera can be fed into any monitor or recording device with a standard composite video input including the SCART input on domestic TV's.

Underwater Fish Style Camera Only

Underwater Fish Style Camera


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Underwater Fish Style Camera Specification

Sensor size: 1/3 inch CCD or CMOS
Total Pixels: 600 TVL
Video 1V P-P Composite video at 75 ohm termination
Viewing angle: 92 degree
Camera led light: 2PCS - 2 white LEDS
Leds adjustable on or off
Cable length: 20 meters, (Can be extended)
Current: 100MA
Power Supply:DC 12V
Camera size: 190mm x 90mm
Camera case material: strong plastic
Camera glass: saphire glass
Maximum Depth: 18 metres

Also available in carry case with LCD monitor!

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The fish styled underwater camera comes with a 20 metre cable and is designed to operate at depths down to 18metres. Its ideal for using in your aquarium or tropical fish tank, pool or fish pond.

The submersible camera can be viewed on a standard analogue video monitor and can also be purchased in a transportable cased kit which includes a mains power supply, a 12 volt auxillary input and small LCD monitor for instant viewing. 

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