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Video Distribution Equipment

A range of amplifiers, converters, boosters and distributors for video signals for HD CVI Video, IP Systems, Conventional Analogue CCTV, VGA and HDMI. If you need to extend your IP range or need to extend a VGA or HDMI signal a long way, or even if you need to send an IP signal over an existing coaxial cable, then we have the equipment here.

Single IP Extender with POE

Passive IP Range Extender with POE

A practical way to extend IP video and Compatible with all IP products. Easy to install, no configuration. Range 100 metres or up to 500m when more used in series. Auto detect and protects PoE equipment. No additional PSU required
Built in LED indicators, Built in 4KV surge protection
Built in 4KV electrostatic discharge
Size: 47 x 111 x 23mm


Active IP Extender kit with POE up to 600M

Active IP Range extender for 600 metres with POE

A long range extender for IP video & power up to 600 metres and is compatible with all IP products. Easy to install no configuration
Range of up to 600m, Plug & play. Supports IP cameras or other 10/100 Base-T IP equipment. 
Each unit - Weight: 200g, Dimensions (W x L x H): 61x101x36.4mm, Operation Temperature: -10°C~+60°
Free PSU included


IP Over Coax with POE

IP over Coax system

Send IP signals over existing coaxial cables to save on installation costs. The Ethernet over Coaxial Transceiver Kit has a long Transmission Distance: Up to 500m (RG59)
Transmission Speed: 10/100 full duplex
Features: Plug and Play
Dimensions: 61x36.4x101mm
Power Input: 12v DC 500mA
Weight: 185g


1 In 2 Out Video Distributor

1 in 2 out video amplifier

Video amplifier and splitter compatible with conventional video and CVI too. 1x BNC input, 2x BNC output
Video distributor & amplifier
Range 300 metres
Surge protection
8Mhz video bandwith
12v DC 250mA
Free PSU included


1 in 4 Out Video Distributor

1 in 4 out video amplifier

Video amplifier and splitter for conventional and CVI video.
1x BNC input, 4x BNC output
Video distributor & amplifier
Range 300 metres
Surge protection
8Mhz video bandwith
12v DC 320mA
Free PSU included


HDMI Extender Over CAT5

Active HDMI extender

Easily extend HDMI video and sudio up to 40 metres using low cost and easy to fit CAT5 cable instead of expensive HDMI leads.
1x HDMI input / 1x CAT-5e output (Tx)
1x CAT-5e input / 1x HDMI output (Rx)
Extends signal by an additional 40M
PSU's Included
Size: 61 x 36 x 90mm


VGA Range Extender

VGA Range Extender

Transmitter & receiver kit, Single channel, Extends a VGA signal up to 300M using standard CAT-5e cable.
RS485 data input/output
Resolutions up to 1600 x 1200
Contrast adjustment
Brightness adjustment
12v DC 250mA x2
Free PSU included


BNC to VGA Video Converter

Composite video to VGA converter

Convert standard composite video signals into VGA for display on a standard VGA monitor.
BNC input via phono
VGA output
Video resolution up to 1920 x 1080
Aspect ratios: 4:3, 16:9 & 16:10
Free PSU included


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