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USB Video Grabber
Weatherproof USB Webcam Kit 5

The variable focus and zoom - varifocal lens on USB kit 5 is ideal for getting the picture just right. The lens can be manually zoomed in or out and focused accordingly via two small adjustments on the front of the camera. This means you can get a closer or wider view as you need when setting it up and therefore the location of the camera to its target view is not so critical. The viewing angle can be adjusted anywhere between 99 degrees to 37 degrees - the higher number being the wider angle and the lower number being the narrower "zoomed in" view. The IR LED's on this USB model have a max range of 30 metres and as with all our USB webcam kits it is supplied with a 10 metre connection lead, power supply and USB interface. The eyeball style USB web cam enables 3 axis adjustment for a straight picture to be achieved however uneven the mounting surface is. Drivers are supplied so the camera can be installed into imaging devices or sound video and games controllers in windows device manager for extended compatibility with windows software. The kit will also operate on the Mac and operates on Windows from XP up to 10 in 32 or 64 bit modes. Even works with Skype.

Weatherproof USB Webcam Kit 5

USB Webcam Kit 5 - varifocal eyeball camera


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Varifocal Outdoor USB Webcam Kit 5 Specification  

Compatible with Windows XP right up to Windows 10, and with
32 or 64 bit versions and even Apple MAC OS X 10.5.8 or later.


Image Sensor: 1/2.7" CMOS
Electronic Shutter Speed: 1/25 - 1/100,000s
Minimum Illumination: 0 Lux
IR LED Range: 30m, Smart IR
Noise Reduction: 2D
Lens Size: 2.7 - 12 mm, Varifocal Lens : Fixed Iris
Focus Control: Manual, Angle of View: 99° - 37°
Input Voltage: DC 12v, Power Consumption: 5W Max
Working Environment: -30° - +60° <95% Humidity
IP Rating: IP67
Dimensions: 119 x 90.4mm, Weight: 0.69Kg

USB Interface

Resolution up to 720 x 480 PAL, 720 x 576 NTSC.
Frame Rate up to 25 FPS Pal, 30 FPS NTSC.
USB 2.0 Standard interface.
Plug and Play.
Free Windows software.

The outdoor USB webcam kit can even be used with Window programs that look for video devices in a different location to normal, like Skype and other instant messaging programs, as it is supplied with an alternative driver for these software applications. 

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