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Test Your USB Webcam

Use our on line PC webcam tester to test your USB webcam, USB video grabber or even a WDM compatible video capture card. If your device is configured correctly and is using Windows WDM drivers then you should be able to see the live picture from it and take a snapshot too. on some browsers you may be asked to "allow" the page to access the webcam first.

Picture From Your Webcam

Webcam Snapshot Window

Your captured image will appear here...

If you are using a Windows WDM capture card you will only see the first available channel on the device. If any of the configuration options are incorrect with the device driver or with your USB webcam e.g. if the video format is not correct, then the picture will not appear or will not be clear. If all is OK with your device and driver and you can see it here and take a snapshot then you can use the webcam or other device with the free software we provide when you want use one of these devices with our live streaing service.

If you want to save the snapshot you take then simply right click the mouse on the image and choose to save it.

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