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Wireless IP Bridge Kit - PRO

Our wireless IP Bridge kit PRO will extend your IP network over the "IP Bridge" to a location up to 1000 metres away from the source - providing they are mounted LOS (Line Of Sight). The kit comprises a pair of powerfull IP Tranceivers which can be powered via a seperate 12 volt DC supply or via POE from standard POE switches and routers (not supplied).  Wireless data transfer rate for this kit is 900Mbps Maximum. If you need longer distance e.g. up to 5 miles (yes miles) then check out our super long range wireless equipment. 

The kit is very easy to program with built in LED display so it is not necessary to use a computer in order to set them up. The wireless bridge kit operates in the 5.8Ghz band for improved quality and range and have built in antennas so you only have to mount and aim the units themselves to set up a point to point high quality wireless bridge - IP link.

The kit can operate in 3 modes, Access Point, Wireless Bridge or Repeater. use the wireless bridge kit to extend your network to buildings which have no wired connection, to connect CCTV cameras or connect one part of a site to the other etc.

5GHz Wireless IP Bridge Kit PRO

Wireless IP Bridge Kit PRO


Suitable Mounting Pole and Fixings Here

5GHz Wireless IP Bridge Kit PRO Specification

WLAN Standard: IEEE 802.11 ac/a
Radio Frequency - 5.8 GHz)
Wireless Data Speed: 900Mbps
LAN port 1 speed 10/100Mbps
LAN port 2 speed 10/100Mbps
Range 1000 Metres (recommended maximum)
Easy Pair Technology: Yes
Support 1-1: Yes
Support 1-Many: Yes
Flat to wall or mount on pole bracket (pole not supplied)
Can use as Access Point, Bridge, Repeater modes
Power from 12 Volts DC Jack option: Yes
Power from standard POE switches and routers: Yes
Size 260mm x 88mm x 56mm
Supplied as a Pair - kit comprises 2 x as shown in picture

Note:- The PRO wireless bridge kit is not supplied with a power unit as it can be powered from either a 12 Volts DC source or a POE Switch or POE Router. If not being used on a POE system you will need a suitable 12 Volt DC power supply.

The PRO wireless bridge kit is ideal for adding a high speed long range link to your IP network at a very reasonable cost. Connect another building and add Internet connectivity to an area that had none, connect your IP cameras from remote locations direct to your network or local NVR, there are many great uses for this wireless IP bridge kit with up to 100 metre range. Remember that these devices are designed to operate - LOS (Line Of Sight) which means the devices must be able to physically see each other and wont work over hills or around corners or if anything is blocking their view of each other - but providing the two devices can look straight at each other (LOS) they will work just fine.

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