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Whitefriars Sailing Club Webcam
Sailing Club Webcam From Cotswold Water Park
Get a webcam like this for your own website Whitefriars Sailing Club is situated in the heart of the Cotswold Water Park. It is on Lake 26, and has a massive 85 acres of sailing water. There are heated changing facilities, toilets and hot showers and a good kitchen run by members, where you can get a quick snack or even a full Sunday lunch.

The Camsecure webcam overlooks part of the lake and is fitted on the club house. This live sailing club webcam is ideal for viewing the weather conditions or watching the sailing events if you cant get there.
The Cotswold Water Park is the UK's largest marl lake system. The lakes have been created by extraction of glacial Jurassic limestone gravel,which had eroded from the Cotswold Hills. The holes left then filled with water naturally after quarry work there ended in the early 1970s.

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We hope you have enjoyed viewing our live webcam from Whitefriars Sailing Club in the Cotswold Water Park in Gloucester, UK. Have a look at some of our other live webcams while your visiting us too.

Map showing the location of this live sailing club webcam from the Cotswold Water Park in Gloucester.
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