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Active Webcam Software Review

Active Webcam Software is an excellent all round webcam recording software package, its one of the best we have seen. It is not aimed at beginners, although it is easy to start off with the basic features such as FTP Upload as with most webcam capture software.
But if you are Serious about viewing multiple USB Webcams, IP Webcams or Capture CardsCapture Cards then this is the software you need and Its keenly priced too!

Here's what you can do with Active Webcam

It is fast, Intuitive to use and you get good performance even from the cheapest of hardware.

Active Webcam captures images at up to 30 frames per second from almost any video device including USB webcams and converters, analogue cameras, Windows WDM compatable TV-boards and capture cards, camcorders, and network IP cameras including the Camsecure outdoor IP camera range.

You can have simultaneous recording and broadcasting over the internet from an unlimited number of cameras! You can also mix the type of broadcasting and streaming, that is you can be using FTP upload to some sites while allowing people to view your streaming cameras using Java Applet and Active X viewers up to 30 frames per second (depending on link speed, PC etc.)

You can even have simultaneous live audio and video broadcasting to really see and hear whats going on back at the ranch.

For use as security surveillance, webcam broadcasting, video recording or just for fun, Active Webcam is a simply a really good program.

Theres the Basic version, the Pro version and then the Delux version and you choose according to the features that you want. The demo version lets you try out all the features to help you choose what you need.

Active Webcam Sample View Screen
Active Webcam Sample Screen

When you download the trial version you can spend as long as you wish checking it out. You get the message "unregistered" across your images until you decide to buy it or stop using it. When you have decided what version you want simply order the software on line and you get a registration code to enter which removes the banners on the pictures and unlocks the features according to your purchased license. You really must check out Active Webcam from PYSoft and see for yourself.

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