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Poole Marina Webcam
Live Webcam from Salterns Marina in Poole, Dorset
Get a webcam like this for your own website Poole Quay and Harbour is a large natural harbour in Dorset, and has the historic town of Poole on its shores. This live webcam is situated at Salterns Marina with a lovely view of its moorings.Poole has miles of sandy beaches with clear clean waters and there are lots of places to go and visit and things to do while in Poole quay such as a lovely harbour cruise taking in the five islands and spectacular waterside houses worth millions of pounds, visiting the museums and beautiful parks or just soaking up the atmosphere along the bustling harbour taking time out to dine Alfresco.
In 1964 an archeological dig discovered the fortified remains of a 2000 year old Iron Age longboat dated at 295 BC. The 10 metres (33 ft) Poole Logboat is the earliest known artifact from the harbour.

Salterns Marina has a history dating back to the 1700’s when the site was active in salt-making, hence the name ‘Salterns’. There has been a yacht club on the site since 1935.

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Map showing the location of this live webcam from Poole in Dorset.
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