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Caravaca Webcam - Spain
Live webcam from Caravaca De La Cruz in Spain
Get a webcam like this for your own website Live webcam from Caravaca de la Cruz in Spain. This live webcam is part of the local weather site Meteocaravaca providing up to date weather information for the region.

Caravaca is a city in Murcia province, southeast Spain which is a major pilgrimage site. Caravaca  is home to the Basilica Shrine of Vera Cruz, with its distinctive Caravaca Cross and Baroque facade. 
Caravaca is dominated by the medieval Santuario de la Vera Cruz (Sanctuary of True Cross), and contains several convents and a fine parish church, with a miraculous cross celebrated for its healing power Caravaca is home to many monuments and museums, many of which are important tourist attractions. 

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Map showing the location of this live Webcam from Caravaca De La Cruz
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