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Cromer Beaches and Pier Webcam
Live Webcam from Cromer in Norfolk UK
Get a webcam like this for your own website This is a great live webcam from Cromer in Norfolk and shows views of the Beaches and Surf and then along the beach to Cromer Pier.

Situated on the Cromer NCI lookout post the Cromer webcam pans around the coastline showing all it has to offer and you can get an idea of wind speed too when the camera pans left and you can see the stations Anemometer as part of the weather station checking the current conditions. Visit Cromer NCI to make a donation.
The beaches and Pier at Cromer are a great place to visit. The pier has records dating back as far as 1391. In the year 1822 Cromer pier was upgraded to a 64 metre long cast iron structure which was destroyed in a storm just 24 years later. Following this a wooden pier was buit but this was badly damage after a coal boat collided with it.

Camsecure live webcams are widely used in towns and cities, in coastal and seaside resorts, airports, rivers, airfields and a great deal more to show off the splendid views and often for weather and wild life purposes too. 

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We hope you have enjoyed viewing our live webcam from Cromer in Norfolk, UK.
Map showing the location of this live webcam from Cromer in Norfolk, UK
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