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Webcam Hosting Fair Usage Policy

What Is The Fair Usage Policy?

Our Fair Usage Policy does exactly what it says – it enforces fair usage among all our streaming users so that everyone can enjoy the same standard of service and level of security. It is necessary to protect the interests of both our customers and our service and maintain security. Fair usage allows our customers to enjoy the service they pay for without other sites "freeloading" on the back of their paid streams or using our service for free. If a customer is paying for a service then why should someone else get it for free by using up a customers viewer allowance and using our resources without paying for it?

Our streaming service is very low cost and it is only fair that we are paid for the service and it is only fair that our customers get the full viewer count they pay for alloted to their own site (and all sub domains of it of course). We do have multi site options which can be added if required to any package and will allow third party web sites to show your feed - by your permission only - and according to the terms and conditions of this added service.

Fair Usage - What Is and Is Not allowed?


1) You can display your webcam feed however suits you best for size and position etc. in your own website.

2) You may display the feed using the supplied player code in your main web site domain or Top Level Domain (TLD) AND any number of sub domains, e.g.,,, Each of these sub domains each have the same maximum viewer count. This means you can have more than one webcam page showing the same camera e.g. a small view with all your page content too, then a larger page on a sub domain and both of these will have the same viewer count, effectively increasing your overall total viewer count for free for all your own sub domains.

3) The feed can be run and viewed 24/7 on customers main site and all sub domains without any additional charges. A customer pays for a maximum simultaneous viewer count. This means maximum amount of viewers all at the same time, so a site with a low simultaneous viewer count could still get say 20,000 viewers over a weekend viewing their feed, but limited to the maximum number of simultaneous viewers (all at exactly the same time) rather than a data limit. 

4) You can add your feed to as many or your own pages AND sub domains as you wish. There is no data limit to any stream, only simultaneous viewer count. So the price per month is always the same low price no matter how many overall visitors you have to your stream page. 

5) If you are to experience the "occasional" increase in traffic due to a special event for example then let us know and we will increase the viewer count temporarily for you Free Of Charge. You can have up to six of these events per annum.

6) If you are in ownership of more than one main web site e.g. plus then we can set up your feed to operate across the two sites and share your viewer count. So if you were paying for a 200 viewer count then this can be divided across both your web sites. This would allow both of your sites to use the same stream for the single stream cost but limit the viewer count across the two, to your total. So for example at one point in time, both sites may be showing to 100 viewers at the same time, at another time site "A" may be showing to 199 viewers which would allow site "B" to only show to the remaining 1 viewer. If you have this option then later realise you need a larger viewer count we do give generous discount for additional viewers across multiple sites.

For a full description of how our video streaming service works click here.

Not Allowed 

1) Customers may only display their stream on their own website and ANY number of its sub domains.

2) Third party sites are not permitted to link directly to your player and use your viewer count. This protects you as if another site has more viewers than yours, then your site could be locked out and stop showing your feed when the other site hits your maximum viewer count and this is not fair on you.

3) Third party sites may not hot link directly to Camsecure servers or services and use our resource and data without our permission. This is data theft.

4) Third party web sites may not link directly to Camsecure streams and use them as their own feed. This is fraudulent.

5) Any third party web site using Camsecure customers streams as a paid extra option must comply with the terms of the third party streaming agreement. 

6) Customers may not stream copyright material, this includes audio only streams

7) Customers may not stream offensive or inappropriate material of any nature.

If you cant find the answer to your question here in our FAQ then please contact us and we will be able to help. The FAQ section isupdated as any new queries and answers arise.

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