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Lizard Webcam Cornwall
Live webcam from Atlantic House on the Lizard Cornwall
Get a webcam like this for your own website This live webcam shows the lovely view you see from the rooms of the "Atlantic House" guest house right on the Lizard in Cornwall.

This is a lovely place to stay with a really warm and welcoming atmosphere, stunning views and luxurious rooms with local produce on the menu too. 
The Lizard village, is the most southerly village on the British mainland and the Lizard peninsula is known for its geology and for its rare plants. The Lizard lies within the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty too.
The Lizard's coast is particularly hazardous to shipping and the seaways round the peninsula were historically known as the "Graveyard of Ships"

Smuggling was a regular way of life in Cornwall and smugglers were always hiding from Coastguards or "Preventive men" as they were also known.

In 1801, the King's Pardon was offered to any smuggler giving information on the Mullion musket men involved in a gunfight with the crew of HM Gun Vessel Hecate.

The Lizard peninsula is also renowned as the birthplace of modern communication, where Marconi undertook some of his pioneering radio experiments. You can find out all about these experiments at the Marconi Centre in Poldhu and the Lizard Wireless Station.

There are many rare forms of wildlife and plants around the Lizard including the rare Chough, which is a species of crow and has a distinctive red beak and legs.

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Map showing the location of this live streaming webcam from Cornwall
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