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Live Seal Watch Webcam
Live Seal webcam from the Orkneys
Get a webcam like this for your own website Watch live action as mother seals come on to the land and give birth to their seal pups in the Orkney Islands. We provide the streaming service for Triscom Technology who manage this camera. Once the pups are big enough and strong enough they will follow their mothers back into the Ocean to start learning how to feed themselves. Turn up the audio to listen too.

If using a mobile device to watch you will need one with built in H264 decoding hardware in order to view.
Orkney is one of the best places in Britain to go seal-watching and has international importance as a breeding ground for two species of seal i.e. the grey and common seal. It may be hard to believe, but  around 15% of the whole world's seal population make Orkney their home.

From October to December grey seals give birth and the pups can be spotted by their mothers' side for 21 days on land.

Our streaming cameras are used all over the world for a huge variety of purposes and can be terribly intresting to watch. If you would like a similar camera to help promote your business or service or to stream to your own website please contact us.
We also provide Webcam Hosting services and if you dont want to install your own camera we have a UK Installation service too.

We hope you have enjoyed viewing our live seal webcam from The Orkney Islands in Scotland. There are many more interesting cameras on our site from all over the world so take some time and explore them all.
Map showing the general location of this live streaming seal webcam from the Orkneys
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