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BT878a Chip Obsolete Cards

The Connexant BT878a video decoder chip has been around for many years and has been used on a great many card designs. One of the most common was the Kodicom range of cards. These are no longer produced but if you need an excellent replacement then visit our new BT878a card page for PCI and PCIE cards that use this well supported chip.

We have kept the information on the old cards here so you can still check out the specifications on them and compare them to the new cards if your replacing or upgrading from one of these earlier card types.

4 Channel 25 FPS Capture Card - Standard Model

4 Input capture card based on the 878a chip. Provides up to 25 frames per second divided across the used inputs e.g. you can have 25 frames per second maximum with one camera connected or 6 frames per second per camera maximum with all four inputs being used. PTZ camera's can be controlled via the PC serial port using the Pelco protocol.

The card is supplied with Windows WDM drivers for 3rd party applications using XP or Vista 32 bit OS. It works great with LINUX and instructions are supplied for the '/etc/modprobe.d/bttv.conf' file when using the card with LINUX and Zoneminder.

The card works great with Active Webcam for Windows and up to 4 x cards can be used simultaneously to provide you with a cost effective 16 camera system. The card is also supplied with a copy of the original software shipped with them which can be used on older operating systems e.g. win2000 or XP SP1 only in case you want to
use an old machine to make a cost effective DVR.

Dimensions - 12cm x 10cm

Obsolete - New Model Here

4 Channel BT878 card using PICO2000 Software

4 Channel 120 FPS High Performance Card

Our 4 chip BT878a 4 input capture card utilises 1 x BT878a chip for each input. This provides a card frame rate of 120FPS giving up to 30 FPS per camera input when all inputs are used.

Because this 4 way DVR card uses the Connexant BT878a chip, it is supported in LINUX and works great with the well known CCTV software, Zoneminder. Instructions are included for the /etc/modprobe.d/bttv.conf' file settings in Zoneminder

This card also has a single video output for a local monitor which can be controlled from within the supplied original software only. The supplied original Kodicom software is designed for older operating systems e.g. win2000 and XP SP1 only.

This is a great card for Linux but think whether you may need more cameras in the future in which case an eight channel card is more cost effective than two of the 4 x chip 4 channel models. Linux tested on ubuntu 8.04.

Dimensions - 18cm x 10cm

Obsolete - New Model Here

4 Channel 120FPS BT878 card

8 Channel 240 FPS High Performance Card

Famous patent Engine-K compression method giving a clearer picture, no less than 2.5K for every frame picture.Network functions only need 2M bandwidth on LAN/DDN/ADSL for full multi channel real time transmission.

Supplied XP software has function for remote control of pan/tilt/zoom Total resource 200fps max 16 channel video input, individual channel recording rate adjustable from 1-25fps. Software supports 2 cards, Video compression rate: 150——200

Single channel - multi channel playback, playback speed can be adjusted. Storage requirements are 120-150MB per hour per channel and multi channel display mode.

Playback search according to time function with simultaneous playback. Also has area enlarge, picture pull, soften and sharpen.

Works with XP software supplied or with 3rd party windows software using WDM drivers supplied and is great with Zoneminder on Linux.

Dimensions - 15cm x 7cm

Obsolete - New Model Here

8 Channel 240 FPS BT878 card
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