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Christmas Decorations Rakovník
Christmas Decorations Live From Rakovník 
Check out our 24 hour Christmas channel Festive Christmas webcam, from the town of Rakovnik in the Czech Republic with a lovely display of the Christmas decorations around the town square.

When the snow falls the pretty lights reflect from it producing unusual animations on the ground as the camera tries to compensate for the glare.
Christmas in Rakovnic in the Czech Republic is much the same as all other towns there.

Children get excited and for once are actually looking forward to going to bed - so Christmas morning will arrive sooner.

Many people go to midnight mass and the churches are filled with evergreens.

The Advent period begins in the Czech Republic four Sundays before Christmas Eve.

Children can have Advent calendars just like in the UK to count the days to Christmas Day. They open a window each day to find a festive picture and a piece of chocolate.

We hope you have enjoyed viewing this Christmas webcam and we wish you all a very Happy Christmas.
Map showing the location of this live Christmas webcam from Rakovnik.
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