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Zatec in the Czech Republic
Live Christmas Webcam From Zatec Town Center.
Check out our 24 hour Christmas channel Festive winter webcam for Christmas, from the Czech Republic in the town of Zatec.

This webcam looks out over the town square where every year the Christmas tree is erected and covered with lights and decorations. It looks lovely here with the bustle of activity in the glow of the Christmas lights.
For many people in the Czech Republic, December 24 is the most enjoyable day of their Christmas holidays.

The tradition is that dinner is not served until after sunset and after the first star has come out.

After dinner, families may sing Christmas carols before moving on to the Christmas tree, which is all lit up and decorated beautifully and all the presents will be put under the tree much like the tradition in the UK.

On Christmas eve all the Christmas markets are open all day and there are festive concerts to go to and also mass is held at different times through the evening so children can go to the early gatherings while others can go to the later events or midnight mass.

There is a Christmas superstition too in the Czech Republic that says if you throw a shoe over your shoulder on Christmas day, and the toe points towards the door, you will soon get married.

Merry Christmas where ever you are.
Map showing the location of this live Christmas webcam from Zatec in the Czech Republic.
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