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PCI Express DVR Card

The Camsecure 5008 PCI Express video capture card is specially designed to fit the smaller PCI-E expansion slot in a modern PC. The card uses the advanced H.264 compression format and uses the PHILIPS SAA7130HL Video decoder chipset with 9 bit ADC for superior quality video and lower occupancy of the PC system resource. The cards is constructed with an optimised PCB design which guarantees stability and the layout of the card has thicker copper layers which greatly improves conduction removing the need for cumbersome heatsinks on the chips and they also employ the latest anti-oxidation coatings to prolong life in harsher environments.

This card can be made to operate with Zoneminder for Linux too and we provide the basic settings you need, but you must be an experienced and competent Linux user to set it up correctly in your particular Linux build. The DVR software supplied with the PCI-E capture cards is old but well featured and will run on older Windows XP operating systems only. This card operates with our CCTV Input and Output cards too. See the full specification for the 5008 PCI-Express video capture card below. We have a new PCI-E card that will run on Windows 7 here.

Specification Model 5008 PCIE Capture Card

Video Input - 8 channels
Compression - H.264
Frames 240fps(NTSC), 200fps(PAL)
Display Resolution
640*480 (NTSC), 704*576 (PAL)
Recording Resolution
320*240 (NTSC), 352*288(PAL)
Compression Size
Default:60~140MB/C/H (60~540MB/C/H
Opreating System
Windows 2000 / XP / Linux - compatable
with Zoneminder
Network -TCP/UDP
Interface - PCI-Express x1
Card Size(mm) 225(L)*125(W)
Total Weight(g) 520g


The 5008 PCIE Capture Card

5008 PCIE DVR Card


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