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Hotel Ivalo In Finland
Live Christmas Webcam From Hotel Ivalo Located In Finland
Check out our 24 hour Christmas channel Live Christmas webcam from Hotel Ivalo in Finland showing a selection of scenes as viewed from the hotel as the camera switches between different positions.

Hotel Ivalo is situated in Lapland close to the Ivalo River and you can expect a warm welcome at any time of the year at this International hotel.
At the Ivalo Hotel you can engage in a wide variety of fun winter activities at Christmas time including, Snowmobile Safari, a visit to the Reindeer farm and the Lapp museum Siida, daytrips to Nellim, a visit to areal Husky farm visit including a short husky drive and Aurora Hunting. Lots here to keep you going through the festive season.

Now everyone knows Santa Claus comes from Finland, but there is lots more to a traditional Finnish Christmas than Saint Nick and the presents he brings.

During the festive season, the people in Finland like to take things slow and and easy, enjoying being with the family and loved ones.

The natural atmosphere in Finland makes this very easy to accomplish with white landscapes shrouded in darkness and only lit by the stars in the sky and ice lanterns on driveways.

All this sets the mood for a soothingly cosy festive season. Enjoy this lovely snow scene Christmas webcam from Finland and Merry Christmas to you all.
Map showing the location of this live Christmas webcam from Ivalo in Finland.
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